Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tangkap Gambar

My university has implemented the smartcard system in many of its operations and has extended it to entering and leaving the campus recently. As such, I had to change my student card so as not to inconvenience myself when I travel to and fro campus.

I also paid up my tuition fee for the coming semester today at the bursary. It's the first time I'm paying tuition fee for my graduate studies since my scholarship has just expired. I can already feel the pinch...OUCH! There were quite a number of people at the Graduate Studies Institute lounge, so my friend and I decided to replace our student cards first. We went to the room upstairs and entered the room designated for replacing our student cards where they had all the forms to fill and gadgets to get a headshot of you.

It took my friend just a few seconds to get his photo taken but I was sitting for a few minutes with my photo taken over and over again for reasons I could not comprehend! I had to smile over and over again till my cheeks were numb! Finally, after the third shot (actually, I lost count), he complimented my smile and asked me if the photo of me that he had just taken was acceptable. I was so tired from the smiling and waiting that I didn't care much how I looked in the photo...as long as I don't have to go through the whole process again! So, I just told the guy it was fine although I didn't really look at the photo properly and my head was slanted to one side.

As I got out from the room, another friend of mine arrived to get her student card replaced too. It only took her a few seconds to get her photo taken! It was as if she walked in, sat down and walked out instantaneously! Only then did I feel a bit weird that mine took so long. Then did I realise that the guy taking our photos didn't even ask my friend earlier if his photo was good enough. He didn't even comment whatsoever. He just clicked and that's it! Oh dear, I'm now worried and wondering what this guy was doing taking so many shots of me! Was he making a collection or something?!? Is my photo going to end up in some weirdo's album for their viewing pleasure?!? Argghhh!!! I might sound a bit paranoid but this has happened way too many times for my liking. Now, I don't exactly feel 'complimented' that he had said I had a lovely smile. Quick, someone grab me a pail!!! :P


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  2. fuiyoh!!
    the guy also took a very short time to get my picture done...

    ....why do u always attract all the guys??
    hmmm...nice smile? let me see... :)

  3. *sweat*

    i also dunno ler...haiz...

  4. harhar....i can vouch for wat kshern says coz i'm the one who took pic after him...the guy juz asked me to smile,click and then that's that...
    kshern...ok ooOooo....now it's proven that ur smile is very attractive to the same sex......harharhar....

  5. hey...i'm sure it's attractive to the opposite sex too!