Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Head So Pain

I'm having a freaking headache again. Can't seem to pinpoint the cause of it. Feels like my head is going to explode. I just want to scream but it will only make it worse.

I think it's a bit scary that I'm having so many headaches so frequently nowadays. There can be so many reasons why my head so pain (please excuse my English for this post...thinking is a luxury at this moment). I think it started back when I changed my glasses. Although the house issue contributes to the occurence of my headaches, they are usually ironed out quickly and does not pose too much of a problem. Ever since I changed to this pair of glasses, I'm experiencing headaches more frequently. I know it's normal to get some headaches during the initial phase of getting used to the new pair of glasses but this is just way too long.

Maybe it's also partly due to fatigue as I'm getting less sleep nowadays. I've been tutoring lately and also I've running quite a number of extra errands lately. Sleep is really a luxury nowadays. Rest is really a luxury nowadays. Every little shut-eye that I can get I will take with both hands. Also, I've been thinking more critically by analysing my results and cracking my head on my research which I think contributes a lot of headaches.

I don't really know what exactly is the cause of my headaches and I'm not planning to visit a doctor to find out anytime soon. I'm leaning towards my glasses for now but I do agree that the other reasons I've mentioned above are contributing factors too. Maybe it's the culmination of all these that makes my head so pain so often.


  1. need a hammer? :P

    haha! guess what? i aso the same wor. had a nasty headache yesterday after staring at my prof's monitor's screen for hours.

    and my eyes...i felt like tearing them off from their sockets! argghhh..the pain..the pain

  2. head feels like thousands and thousands of hammer happily hammering away and you still offer me a hammer?!? :P

  3. yeah insensitive!!!
    shern u want a chainsaw? after u saw off your head, u won't have anymore head(aches)...

    but seriously,worried about u. do take proper rest yeah? and go see your optometrist again lo...if u so stubborn don't want to see a doctor.ok or not? huh? take care of yourself.

  4. many contributing factors la...i'm sure it's not the glasses alone...maybe it's a tumour or something? :P

  5. please don't say things like that...
    u will make many people worried and sad.

    why don't u go to a doctor?please?

  6. ok...i'll keep quiet now... :P

    it's ok one la...i probably need more rest that's all...