Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day

It's World AIDS Day today. The theme this year is "Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise" which will also be used for every World AIDS Day until 2010. To this day, there is still no cure and the consequences is most of the time fatal. Let's take a moment to educate ourselves and those around us of this disease. Let's also take a moment to remember those who are suffering from this disease for no fault of their own. Let's take a moment to condemn those selfish people who knowingly spread this disease through rape, unprotected sex, tainted blood transfussion, sharing needles and so forth. Let's try to make the world more liveable for those who have contracted this disease. It's bad enough that they have to battle this disease. Let's not add the burden on them.



  1. yup...sad that many of them who are infected are children...who have totally done no wrong..

  2. yalo...i don't know how they can live with themselves knowing they are destroying a whole generation...actually TWO!

  3. Well, apparently HIV infection rates are higher than ever.

    So let's keep the sex safe and the whores at shore.