Saturday, September 10, 2005

Apple Rocks My World

If you've been wondering why I've been a tad busy lately, I'm reorganising the music files in my computer. It has been ages since I've done that since I felt it was such a hassle now that there's just so many MP3s scattered all around my system and filed differently from each other. But I've found salvation....sort of. :P

While going through the features of Apple's new toy, the iPod nano... ~drool~ ...which replaces the iPod mini. It uses flash memory instead of the bulkier hard disks found on the iPod and iPod mini. It also has a colour screen and lots of other features. I downloaded the latest Quicktime player which came packaged with iTunes. Usually, I would either search for the standalone player or uninstall iTunes after the whole installation process is complete since I don't use iTunes and don't play to do so. This time though, I decided to give it a try especially since I'm now listening to some podcasts and those podcasters (is that a word?) claim that subscribing through iTunes was one of the simplest ways to listen to their podcasts. Also, I'm planning to get an iPod nano....*dreamy eyes*

Man, did I realise what I've missed after trying iTunes out! It's such an intelligent digital jukebox and it makes organising my songs such a breeze! After a little poking around, I discovered the radio stations are not too bad at all! What I enjoy most is how it helps me organise my music files which I've neglected for far too long. Just editing the song details will also magically rename the files and rearrange them in the right folder automatically! Just wonderful...

I had quite a number of unnamed MP3s too which I totally can't remember the name of the artiste or even the song but with the wonders of Google search and Yahoo! Music's vast music database, I was able to identify the songs and file them accordingly with iTunes. Mind you, it's no easy task especially the rap songs and having to identify hundreds of those 'John/Jane Doe songs' but I managed to sort each and every one of them. :D has been long since I've added to my MP3 collection. At the moment, iTunes is telling me I have 1500+ songs, including a substantial amount of unidentifiable Chinese songs with those weird characters that are suppose to be Chinese characters, which should last me for around 4.3 days. Hahaha....I've been yearning for some really nice songs and maybe now that my collection is organised, I can start adding them to my collection. :)

Apple also launched the first iTunes-enabled phone - the Motorola ROKR. Doesn't interest me much...especially when there's the iPod nano! ~drool~ What is seriously putting me off is the price tag - RM969 for the 2GB version and RM1219 for the 4GB version. *sweat* I guess I will incorporate one of those wishlists on my blog for some Good Samaritan *ahem* to help a poor guy out. I'll be dreaming of my iPod nano tonight... ;)

(picture from Apple)


  1. the nano looks really good, no? hmmm...

    u have so many songs! just now i got stuck in a series of your chinese songs...hehehehe...i listen also, mr DJ.
    would u like any new songs? james blunt...nice. i send to u...huh? ;)

  2. It looks amazing!

    Haiz...I figured the shuffle would probably get those songs in too since I've not created any playlists yet. Sorry for that. :P

  3. Would Creative Zen rock yr world? Well, at least it's cheaper. =)

  4. nope, it certainly will not...nothing other than the nano will do...