Tuesday, May 31, 2005

AMD Athlon 64 X2 - The Power of Two

AMD unveiled their dual-core desktop processor in response to Intel's launching of their own dual-core chips, recently. Dual-core chips, which contain two separate processing cores, can run more than one application at once, or run many single applications much faster. Computers with a dual-core chip can also outperform computers containing two single-core processors, although the difference can be hard to discern. Dual-core computers will consume about half the energy and cost less to buy and maintain than computers with two single-core chips. Early tests have shown that the AMD processors have an edge over Intel's processors. Another advantage of the AMD processors over their rivals is that their chips can be incorporated with current motherboards with only an update of the BIOS whereas Intel chips requires a change of its motherboards. I was recently a AMD convert after my 3-4 year Intel system kaput. It looks like my decision to migrate over to AMD was spot on.

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