Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Penang's Second Link: Alternatives

Coverage on the Penang Second Link continues today in The Star's second installment of a three-part series which attempts to rationalise the RM2.6b project or find alternatives to resolving the traffic woes on the Penang Bridge.

The CAP's suggestion was similar to the one made by me yesterday which stresses the importance of an efficient and sustainable public transportation system.

Another article quotes lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fathan Mohd. Sadullah from the School of Civil Engineering in USM. He suggests that a bus shuttle to and fro the island and mainland could help resolve the current traffic condition on the Penang Bridge. He envisions that a bus capable of carrying 60 passengers could translate to having 60 less cars plying the bridge. It is similar to my opinion that a monorail linking the island and mainland would help reduce traffic on the bridge but his idea is more suitable for implementation in the near future and probably more cost-effective.

Both are noble ideas which must be explored immediately if we are to tackle the traffic woes in Penang and the bridge, in particular. The Penang Municipal Council and Penang State Government should stop wasting time and public funds on silly things like the 'ugly cones' and start working on important matters such as this. Can't they set their priorities straight?

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