Wednesday, May 25, 2005

CM Rotation: Mere Suggestion

The DCM came out to explain that the recent call for the Penang CM post to be rotated among Barisan Nasional component parties during the Bukit Mertajam UMNO division meeting was merely a suggestion and not a motion, reported The Star newspaper today.

He explained that only a motion passed during the meeting can be brought forward to a higher body in the coalition party. However, I would like to remind the learned DCM that the Senator intends to present this motion at the Dewan Negara. It doesn't matter if it was just a suggestion or a motion, or it was to be presented to the UMNO Supreme Council or the BN Supreme Council or the Dewan Negara, it's still a signal of intent and a stupid suggestion that will not benefit Penang at all. Will they not learn from the failure of the Sabah CM rotation debacle?

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