Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Country vs Rock

That was the theme for the American Idol Season Four final performance with South rocker Bo Bice competing with country girl Carrie Underwood for the coveted title of the next American Idol. I've just watched the both of them sing competitively for the last time and Carrie was much better although they were both good. Simon Cowell even commented that Carrie had done enough to win the competition. With one of the closest finals ever concluding the best American Idol season ever featuring a great line-up of contestants, support for both idols are split right in the middle. Bo Bice was the better performer but Carrie carried her vocals better (no pun intended). It all depends now on how America votes and with only 2% of the votes seperating these two in the previous round, it will never be any more accurate to say now that every vote counts! With my favourite rocker Constantine and my favourite female vocal Vonzell Solomon voted out, I will be supporting Carrie for this one. Bo Bice's songs just didn't connect with me and in the words of my grandma, "What else does he know except to carry and swing that stick (mic stand) around". The next American Idol will be announced tomorrow at the Kodak Theatre in a 2-hour finale.

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