Monday, May 23, 2005

CM Musical Chairs?

Once again, some idiot comes up to make the stupid and controversial call for the Penang CM post to be rotated among Barisan Nasional parties. Bukit Mertajam UMNO Division chief Senator Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir made the call at the division's meeting. If the Chinese or Indians were to make similar calls for the Selangor or Perak MB positions to be rotated, for example, they would probably be shot and ridiculed in public!

He claims that if Sabah was 'successful' in rotating the CM post in the past, Penang should have no problems carrying it out also 'to prove there is tolerance and understanding among the coalition parties'. What rubbish! How about rotating the PM position to show such 'tolerance and understanding'? Does his racist soul, corrupted heart and unlearned mind want to see Penang rot even further with such a rotation? Has he forgotten why it was UNSUCCESSFUL when it was implemented in Sabah and was scraped off in the end?

He even went further to claim that 'most Malay entrepreneurs could not get contracts from factories in the state because they were not given the opportunity to break into the market'. What is he trying to say here? Is he even suggesting that if a Malay was to take up the position of Penang CM, Malay entrepreneurs will then be able to get 'opportunies'? If I'm not mistaken, that sounds very much like corruption to me! If the factories does not award them the contracts, they should reflect at themselves or even question the decision of the factories. What does that have to do with the CM position?

As you all know, I'm not such a fan of the current CM anyway, so you should know that I'm not defending him here. I am not against any race taking up the post of CM. I'm not a racist. As long as the person is capable enough and deserves being in the position, and there is no such rotation, I'm fine with it. Rotation brings chaos, uncertainty and there won't be a continuity which is vital for progress. If he truly loves Penang so much, he shouldn't have made such wild claims. More details here.

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