Sunday, October 30, 2005


Actually, there are a few topics I wanted to blog about today but I've decided to blog about the fever I'm having right now. Yes, I'm having a fever while I'm blogging this although the temperature is dropping and I'm feeling much better. Looks like surfing the internet and blogging is very therapeutic for me. ;)

The fever just came suddenly and I was aching to the bones and so were my joints. Usually I know something's bad when my joints start to ache and it was no different this time. My initial reaction was to check for dengue symptoms but apparently, spots will not appear until much later. Dengue has once again put the nation on its toes as this acute disease has claimed a few lives and infected many others. I do hope I'm not one of them. Although I'm feeling better, I'm still quite worried.

Another disease that is getting the whole world worried at the moment is the Avian flu. It is threatening to be the biggest pandemic ever in history and many are avoiding serving chickens, ducks and other birds at their dinner tables. So my question to you is this, what worries you more? The dengue fever or avian flu?


  1. awww...
    remember to take your meds and drink lots of water...
    and go to bed! u are still up at this hour when u are sick.

    p/s: i know where u got the virus from: dave. he complaint to me that he had a fever,dengue-like..ha..! so u know who's the culprit!

    hope u recover soon! take care :)

  2. i told's therapeutic for me to be online now... :P

    yea, i read his blog...but i doubt it. :P

  3. What worries me most? George Bush Jr.

  4. wonders if he released this virus to deflect criticism off him! :P