Friday, October 28, 2005

Happenings At A Service Centre

It's just amazing what you can experience at an EON service centre. Being stuck from 7.30am all the way through lunch (yes, I was forced to fast, even longer than my Muslim friends) and only leaving the place (finally) at 3.45pm, I managed to pick up some interesting things during my time there but I'm just going to highlight two of the juiciest.

First, there was this intelligent looking chap but after his actions today, I had to reevaluate my position on him. First of all, this 'smart' fella can't even read, understand and adhere to the sign that clearly requests all customers to stay put at the waiting area and not encroach on the working area. Secondly, he was so 'smart' to read some of the magazines on display but didn't even bother to put them back on the rack, leaving them on the sofa just like that. Thirdly, he created a fracas but kudos to the EON staff there that handled the situation patiently and professionally. If want to complain, just complain la. No need to let the whole world know. Ask nicely for the contact numbers you require and go outside to do your shouting....let us have our peace! He acts as if he knows Proton cars so well and that he's some sort of expert in automotive engineering although he was clearly more of an IT analyst than an automotive or mechanical engineer. Many of the times, people will be able to realise how intelligent a person is by listening to them speak. For someone who literally wants everyone in the waiting room to witness his 'intelligence' in making an 'intelligent' complaint, all of that just hit him right back on his face as everyone there realised what a dumbass he actually was. If you want to change the brake-pads, just replace it's not like they don't want to replace it for you! You're willing to pay for the new brake-pads also, so what's all the fuss about anyway? Later on, I realise how looney this guy was when he talked to himself, not just once but repetitively! Well, that explains a lot! Well, he returned later in the afternoon with some other complaints and kicked up more trouble. This guy really gives a bad name to those who genuinely makes valid complaints. Sad, sad, sad....

The other juicy thing I picked up was that there's a rumour making the rounds that petrol prices will be hiked up again as much as 20 to 30 sen per litre after the Hari Raya holidays!!! Now, I don't want to get into trouble or anything, so let me repeat myself that this is just a rumour I heard at the service centre that they apparently claim is very reliable. I'm not trying to spread rumours or anything...just highlighting one of the juicy stuff I gathered from my excruciating episode at the EON service centre today. Those who decide to believe this rumour or plan to spread it is doing so at their own risk and I shall not be held liable for any legal or civil action that may arise. ;)

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