Friday, October 14, 2005

Tell Us Something New

The Star did an exclusive on the worsening traffic condition on Penang roads today with quotes from those that are either responsible in handling the issues or those who are related to it. After reading the articles, I can't find any new or interesting ideas or suggestions that will counter this crippling problem once and for all. The same old things are being said over and over again. One of the article lists the roads and the times when these infamous roads will experience the worst traffic jams. Come on, do you think Penangites need to know that information? Even my foreign friends (yes, this means they are not from Malaysia) studying at USM knows by heart the roads that will experience terrible traffic jams and when are the peak hours! A lecturer from USM suggested that the available facilities be optimised first before new roads are being used. This is actually a no-brainer, frankly speaking. It's just that our politicians and the people that are responsible for this task are either ignorant or plain stupid to have realised this in the first place.

The State Local Government, Traffic Management, Information and Community Relations Committee chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan and the Penang Municipal Council infrastructure and traffic committee member Khoo Kay Hean are becoming more and more like a broken record or a bloody parrot repeating the same things over and over again, sitting idly on their hands and coming up with dumb ideas or excuses which they will defend vehemently although it is so obvious that they are so wrong. Stop talking and start implementing the workable ideas. Ditch the lame ones and stop wasting public funds on such initiatives. We need action to be taken now and not later! If the personnel needs to be changed so that a change for the better can be initiated, so be it...however low or high that person may be. Penang needs more young, dynamic, capable and knowledgeable people at the helm and these two are the perfect example of what we don't need. Stop the rot NOW! Bring back the glory days of Penang and return the people-friendly and responsive government we used to enjoy! Start by telling us something new and useful!

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