Monday, October 24, 2005


Mail addressed to my university mailing address will eventually find it's way to the common alphabetical pigeonholes at my school office. I was expecting my friend's wedding invitation which he insisted on sending although I told him I didn't need one. For many days, I've checked through the K's and the L's but still couldn't find that particular mail. That was very strange indeed considering my friend was adamant that I receive a wedding invitation!

Finally, I decided to look through ALL the pigeonholes in case the office boy was temporarily blinded when sorting out the mail. Fortunately, my eye caught a glimpse of a pink envelope in the E pigeonhole which was just above the K's and the L's. Wait a minute, it's still too early for Chinese New Year cards! I took a closer look....lo and behold, written very large and clearly on the envelope was my name! Argghhhhh!!! Idiots, I tell you. How it ended up in the E pigeonhole I really do not understand. This is not the first time I've found mail placed in the wrong pigeonholes. While looking through the K's and the L's, I've found a few mails that were suppose to end up in the B, T and W pigeonholes. Is it that difficult to sort mails? Do they need to go back to nursery to learn their ABC's?

Another thing that really bugs me is going through the same old mail over and over again. Why do these people direct their mails to the university mailing address when they don't even bother to check the pigeonholes from time to time? There are some letters dating back to 2003! It's always the same culprits. I've chucked a few irritating mails (Makro newsletters) before because their mail just clogged up the whole pigeonhole that new mail was impossible to be placed inside anymore. You can imagine the important mails they direct to these pigeonholes but ignore them altogether (bank statements, mobile phone bills, periodicals etc). Seriously, if you don't intend on checking the pigeonholes, don't bother to direct your mail there in the first place! Sometimes I regret not requesting for my own private pigeonhole. Sigh...


  1. pidgeon holes are for pidgeons only...they dunno ABC...

    wei, if u see any of my mail in your box, please don't throw away har? thank u! :)

  2. don't worry, if i find mail mistakenly placed in the wrong pigeonholes, i will put it back where they belong... :)