Sunday, October 23, 2005

Makan Roti

My mom suddenly had hunger pangs while we were passing through Island Plaza, driving towards Sunrise Tower. She suggested that we make a stopover at Subaidah, a mamak outlet that I don't really like, well partly due to their striking pink outfits but mostly due to their insanely sweet drinks. She was yearning for some roti canai!

I ordered my usual teh tarik and remembered my aunt likes the roti pisang served here, so I decided to order one for myself since it has been a really long time since I've tasted it. We also ordered garlic naan (I love naans), roti telur bawang, puri (I love this too!) and some roasted birds (takeaway for my grandparents we were visiting later).

I love the variety of naans they have nowadays but the ones I love the most is the garlic and cheese variants. Puri was something I first tried during my undergraduate days in Terengganu. It's eaten with potato which I will wrap using the puri and it will taste very much like karipap (curry puff). ~slurp~

When ordering drinks at mamak stalls, I usually request for 'kurang manis' (not so sweet/less sugar) since they are well known to be very generous with their sugar and/or condensed milk offerings, but since I forgot to mention it to the waiter, I feared for the worst when my shot of teh tarik arrived. Fortunately, it tasted just fine. In recent times, I've come to realise that usually when I do request for 'kurang manis', the drinks will be extra sweet but when I forget to make that request, the drinks will come just alright! Maybe they misunderstood the term 'kurang manis'. Hmmmm.....

Anyway, that was our Sunday afternoon tea, the economical and delectable Malaysian way.... :)


  1. got cheese naan meh here? how come i don't know? wanted to try leh...

    anyways, i had a disaster when i ordered a roti pisang in the outlet in campus. the mamak went and put 2 pisangs in my roti! it made the roti so extremely sickeningly sweet. i had a tummy ache the whole day! stoopid mamak..
    actually i have lots more mamak disaster stories, trow if i free i blog about it! now sleepy liao...

  2. got cheese naan la but not sure is it at subaidah or not...very yummy...~slurps~