Saturday, October 15, 2005

Messed Up My Mom's Car

I couldn't find the right word to express the condition of the car. It's nothing major but it's not minor enough that it's not noticeable. I wanted to comment on this article in The Star today but I chose to highlight this issue instead. I've never liked Prangin Mall but since my aunt wanted to go shop at the Parkson located there, I followed suit since I'm the designated driver nowadays. Also, I'm driving my mom's company car nowadays while my aunt drives my small, little Kancil. :P

OK, back to my story. The parking space at Prangin Mall is small, dark and dirty which is one of the many reasons why I don't like going to Prangin Mall. It's usually very hard to find a parking space especially when it is a weekend but I was so fortunate (unfortunate?) to find one just as I collected my parking ticket. As I put my car in reverse and let it move by itself, I looked through the mirrors and saw just plain white (blackish/greyish) walls and just waited for the reverse proximity sensor to alert me of any obstructions. While I was waiting to hear the first beep, I heard a thud instead! Ohmygawd...I've rammed into something! I took a closer look and saw a 'hidden' pillar! When I was able to finally park the car properly and come down to inspect the damage, I saw what I've done to my mom's company car. There was a vertical line indicating where the car made contact with the pillar. The bumper was scratched and the rear lights casing was cracked. When we took the car to the mechanic for assessment, we were told that the lights had to be replaced and some touch-up can be done to the bumper and it won't cost too much. He even checked the reverse proximity sensors since we informed him there were no indications we were backing into something. Turns out, some wiring must be wrong that have caused the proximity sensor not to work!!! Freaking Proton! This is why I do not want to get any car from Proton and would rather buy a Perodua car instead! Sigh...I've always been so careful while driving her car but I guess technology have made me lax. I was too reliant on the reverse proximity sensor and now that it failed, I received an expensive lesson in not being totally dependant on technology. :(