Monday, October 10, 2005

Still A Mystery

Today was the funeral and frankly speaking, I'm still very surprised (and disappointed) that some of his closer friends did not take the effort to pay their last respects either during the wake (if they could not excuse themselves from work commitments) or attend the funeral.

Only two of his band friends were seen throughout the wake and funeral. For someone who had always regarded himself a band member first and a prefect second, it couldn't have been more ironic to see a delegation of the Board of Prefects consisting of outgoing prefects (Fifth Formers and Upper Sixes) who would hardly have known him personally and had to prepare for their upcoming SPM and STPM examinations, attend his funeral and even lead the procession! Even one of his band friends commended such a selfless and honorific act. You just can't imagine how the mere presence of the prefects decked in blazers and all, had impacted upon his family members, to see his years of service to the school honoured and remembered in such respect. To have come when not even asked to do so, I really am grateful, thankful and appreciative for what they have done. I wasn't able to meet them after the funeral procession to thank them personally but I do hope that by highlighting their memorable deed here, it could at least be counted as some sort of compensation.

I was met by my friend at the crematorium and what he told me after that shocked me even more. He missed our very own delegation to the wake the previous night but that seems to have been some sort of blessing in disguise as he was able to gather more information about the accident by speaking to our friend's uncle. He even showed him photos of the crash and like what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. I don't want to go into details here but let's put it that the crash wasn't as simple as first thought and there are many questions left unanswered. Whatever it is, I hope the family and his girlfriend is coping well and will finally come to terms with this tragic death. At least, he is at a better place now.


  1. i am sure they had their reasons for not attending...
    but the important thing is that YOU wnet there to show your last respects...that must count for something,no?

  2. No use of pointing fingers against each other. For those that had wished him well in afterlife, and had him in their prayers, I think that'll be more than enough of one can do for him. Family is doing good, thanks for the concerns, and of course Alex wil do good no matter where he is.

  3. i guess it was the frustration and disappointment speaking at that time. glad to hear the family's doing alright.