Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mom's birthday today! This year, I've decided to keep it small and simple (that's kind of like my theme nowadays... :P). Just some simple dining and no cake. I've realised that cake is not only expensive and excessive, it's something my family should avoid anyways since we have a strong history of diabetics in our family tree. Also, since my cash reserves are seriously dwindling to nothing, it's best to stay frugal. ;) I'm not going to state how old she is since she will definitely kill me if I did although since she always gets compliments that she doesn't look her age, she should be happy to let people know her actual age and receive more stunned faces but I'm going to err on the side of caution here. :P Anyway, Happy Birthday have really been an inspiration. May the good times continue to roll.... :)


  1. Happy birthday aunty..ehh..cannot...sister? hmm..

    anyways, since u said that there has been some diabetes history in your family...then, i no need to buy u that ice cream anymore...not good for u mah..right?

  2. it's good for ice-cream is bad for me....that's why you must buy quality ice-cream instead! ;)

  3. I am a dad and not a mom, but it sounds very nice when a son wishes his mom a Happy Birthday.

    And I must comment on the good English language you use in the blog, its always nice to read a Malaysian blog with very good English, especialy from a younger person, much younger than I am. I have come across blogs written by Malaysian with...........I shall say no more.

  4. quality ice cream...? ugh! dream on fever boy!
    well, since i did promise u some form of ice cream...we'll see... ;)

    looks like u got a compliment...oh look at that head swell...! :)

  5. @mylias
    thanks for dropping by and thank you so much for the compliment especially when it comes from someone so experienced and senior as you! actually, the country still do produce quality grads that have a good grasp of the english language (ie the few that frequently comment on my blog). there's still hope!

    don't la so kedekut...every 31st got discount ma....*hint*hint* :P

  6. haiyo...say so clearly liao still cannot understand meh? you la kedekut! :P