Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Selamat Berpuasa

It's the fasting month again for my Muslims friends. It's a time for self-control, a time for moderation, a time for reflection. I wish them all the best in healing their souls and efforts at collecting pahala during this holy month. I still remember my time as an undergraduate student in Terengganu, a Malay dominant state. During the puasa month, it's virtually impossible to find food during the daytime!!! We had to stock-up on instant noodles and biscuits to endure the fasting month there. Anyways, there's good news today as my labmate from Yemen became a father to a healthy baby girl. I wonder if there's any significance since the child is born on the first day of Ramadhan. Congrats to him and his wife! :)

UPDATE: Oops...just found out that she wasn't born on the first day of Ramadhan but a few days earlier.


  1. is it that Osan guy?

    hey, have u tried to puasa with them?

  2. Yeah, I thought I mentioned him in the post? :P

    Sorry, I can't fast...I have gastritis. ;)

  3. u said Yemen lab mate mah...who knows if u have more than one lab mate from yemen? must make sure mah... after congratulate the wrong person...see osan terkejut pulak...

  4. Hahahhaa...oh yeah, i forgot i maintained his anonimity. :P