Saturday, October 01, 2005

Metrojaya Island Plaza

My mom and I decided to drop-by at the newly opened Metrojaya at Island Plaza to see what it has to offer. My aunt decided to tag along too. When we arrived, we saw many cars parked illegally along the roads. First thought that came to mind was Metrojaya was packed with people. You see, Penangites just love flocking to new places. :P

We parked some distance away somewhere around Prima Tanjung and walked in the rain to Island Plaza. My mom and aunt shared an umbrella while I used a Giant catalogue (I think). I was not exactly dry so you would understand why I was shivering when I walked into Island Plaza.

I went straight to the Men's section to check out the selections they offered. The displays and arrangements were very much like how it was done during Super Tanjung's time there. There were less brands on offer compared to Super Tanjung and the prices were quite steep!

I did manage to find some really cheap buys anyways. I bought two Valentino slacks for only RM19 per pair! The catch? They don't have the sizes for all the colours and designs on display. What is on display is what they have left so you would have to rummage through to find one that fits you. Another catch? You would have to find your own tailor to adjust the length of the pants for you. They will only do it for you if you bought pants that costs RM100 and above per pair. Oh well, it's still a bargain though. :P

Anyway, my mom sums it up by saying this when we left...."Not So Great". Indeed, Metrojaya was not so great at all. If they wanted to make an impact in Penang, it was the wrong tactic and they have to employ a better marketing team to draw Penangites away from Gurney Plaza.


  1. i just went there today. like NOT much difference from super tanjung...
    but still the same: boring.

  2. Very disappointing, no? I think Super Tanjung was more interesting than this!

    Maybe the upcoming Queensbay Mall might give Gurney Plaza a run for their money?