Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Isa Gone....FINALLY!!!

No, the Internal Security Act (ISA) has not been repealed (yet) but another kind of Isa has finally decided to leave after holding on stubbornly for months. Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Isa Samad has finally decided to resign after being found guilty of money politics back in June 2005 although his six-year suspension from UMNO was amusedly reduced to three years last week through appeal. The question still remains why he held on for so long as a minister when he was already found guilty of money politics and worse still, when the UMNO disciplinary council's verdict was upheld (albeit the suspension being reduced) last week, he still held on to settle 'unfinished business'! What unfinished business?!? Who cares anyway? Just leave! Let the new guy (in this case, a gal) come in and settle them. Maybe he/she will be able to dig up more dirt! What if his corrupted ways are not just confined to his dealings in UMNO but also in the public service?!? What if there's more skeletons in the closet and he was using that one-week excuse of settling unfinished business to clean up his tracks?!? Another pertinent issue is the inability/unwillingness of the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to take action against him when he's already been proven guilty TWICE of money politics? Again I ask, isn't Money Politics = Corruption?!?


  1. aiyah..resign only? but how bout' going to jail? cheh...

  2. itulah....sampah masyarakat!