Saturday, October 08, 2005

In Memory: Alex Phuah

I had a whole bunch of topics (four to be exact) lined-up for today but all that has to take a back seat for the time being. I've just received the devastating news that one of my dear friends passed away this morning in a car accident. Details are still very sketchy at the moment since we got the news from his brother who also doesn't know much and is on his way back to Penang as I blog this.

I've just finished contacting those that I know that would want to know of his untimely death. I'm still shaken from the news. We were prefects during our senior high school years and through our training in the Board of Prefects, we learnt to work closely together and became close friends. I have to admit we don't see eye-to-eye at times but we hold the highest regard for each other. I will always respect him for being very, very, very street-smart and he will try very hard to improve himself in the book-smart area. We had very memorable times during those years.

He was the first among us to join the workforce. He was a very sensible and practical person. If he were to be a manager or supervisor, those under him would have been very fortunate to have a boss like him. He was an understanding person that will always remember his roots and treat his subordinates as his equal. I remember this incident when I paid for our drinks with my credit card (I didn't carry enough cash). He, being a waiter before, called the boy over and tucked some ringgit notes as tips into his apron and commented that he knew how hard it was being a waiter especially at a pub, serving drunk and stubborn customers at ungodly hours. It's the tips that make them feel honoured and respected for their profession and that's what drives them on.

While I was messaging them all and entertaining calls/SMS, I received an SMS from his prefect trainee. He couldn't get through my phone since I was on the line with someone else. When I called him back, I reached an obviously distraughted friend of mine. I nearly broke down listening to him but I tried to maintain my composure. Only then did it really struck me that I've lost such a dear friend and how he was a part of our life. Maybe it's not so easy for me to break down since I've experienced a fair share of deaths in my short lifetime so far. I'm also known to have a strong character and usually the voice of reason. I guess that's the part I play during these occasions. Some might even misinterpret it as me being cold.

Actually, I would like to write more but I just don't feel up to it at the moment. He definitely left us too soon. He had more to offer this world. I might not have been as close to him (compared to some others) as I would liked to but Alex was truly a great friend. He was someone that could lift our moods without much effort. He was there when we needed him most. He lead the way when we felt lost. He will always remain someone we remember for who he was and what he stood for. The moments we shared together will forever be cherished. God bless, Alex...may you rest in peace.

Here are some photos of happier times to remember Alex by...

one of his many antics...

front row, first from the left

Board of Prefects, second row, third from the left

fooling around, far right

good old times, second from the left

preparing for dinner, far left

happy times, dressed in white, in front of the red shirt

...and I dedicate this rendition of Amazing Grace to thee. It has been a pleasure and an honour knowing you....


  1. i'm sorry for your loss.
    take care

  2. thank you so are very kind. he will be deeply missed.

  3. thanks, dahvid...that's very kind of you. just came back from the funeral. we have indeed lost a great human being.

  4. My condolences.... The prefects board doing anything?

  5. the outgoing prefects did a magnificient job by attending the funeral and lead the procession.

    i truly respected them for that. i was trying to contact the new batch of prefects but turns out the outgoing batch came out tops.

    from your batch, mkeat joined us for the wake and sliang made a contribution.

    thanks to all for remembering and honouring him.

  6. Dear all,
    Thanks for all those momentos with Alex. I didn't even know that someone did post some comments till I stumbled onto Alex's name in google. I believe that he had always been more than a friend to of those that known him. A person with lots of charming characters, a leader of its own style, very supportive and always full with ideas, and the lists go on... It's such a loss on his demise, but I am sure he will always be remembered, always be cherished, and always be in our hearts. May his soul rests in peace

  7. he's definitely one fine person. may his soul continue to rest in peace...