Sunday, October 16, 2005

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

We finally signed the Sales and Purchase agreement for the house today. The documents were so thick and I just couldn't read every single word of it but I did take my time to glance through the documents to make sure all was in order. There were two sets of documents and four copies each! Each document consisted of about 30 pages of 'lawyer's talk'. We brought along my grandma and grandaunt to the showroom to let them experience and see the place for themselves. It's official now...we will be buying the property. We will not get a full refund from now on in event we do decide not to proceed with the buy. That 1% loss would be too much to bear unless something tragic and out of the ordinary happens that forces our hand. We have now passed one obstacle. Now the hard part of coughing up insane amounts of money every month follows. Sigh....

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