Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Season Twos

There were some hoohah recently regarding the 'false advertising' of Lost Season 2 being scheduled to screen last night. I didn't bother since Chinese drama series on Astro Wah Lai Toi will dominate the TV in my house around that time. Also, I've already watched not only the first episode but also the second episode of Lost Season 2 and eagerly awaiting for the third episode this Thursday (Wednesday Central Time in the US). ;)

This morning, I watched the second episode of Desperate Housewives Season 2. I don't want to go into too much details (or some people out there will hunt me down, chop me into a million pieces and feed my remains to the dogs) but seriously, both are a good watch yet again. I actually like Lost this season better than the first season (so far). The next episode is not necessarily the events that occur after the previous episode but it complements the previous episode and fills in the gaps to make it a more complete and rich storyline. Also, you will not have all your questions from Season 1 answered in the first two episodes. The plot develops very slowly in the beginning. And finally, you will meet The Others. Well, actually I've already figured out who The Others are and what the numbers mean but it will be interesting if the show proves me wrong. :)

If you think Desperate Housewives have nothing else to offer after the first season, you are so wrong. It's as interesting as the first (if not more) and more secrets, twists and turns and surprises awaits you in Season 2. There's plenty of them already in the first two episodes. Hmmm....I wonder when Malaysian TV will start screening the Season 2 of these two very popular and successful series? Well, I don't need to bother, do I? ;)


  1. i see it coming to our shores sometime in the very far future when i am old and grey and have totally forgotten the story line of the first season.

    and damn the mistake in the papers, grrrrr....!

  2. well, you can try receiving it through Y! Messenger.... ;)

  3. oh really...? hmm...doesn't sound too bad...ahem...

  4. it will take HOURS though....*faints*

  5. aiyah..no need la then. it's ok. there will be a way. quite soon. watch this space...