Sunday, October 02, 2005

They Are Vultures

The representative from the developer wanted to go through some details with my mom, so we decided to visit the showroom. To our surprise, it was jam-packed with people and it was raining very heavily! the response really that good? Even the founder and Executive Chairman, Dato' Dr. Khor Teng Tong was present to entertain guests!!! Now, that is really something! He was decked in jeans, mind you.

After going through the details with the representative, the bankers came at us one after the other trying to sell their products. It was not exactly a pleasant position to be in. While an officer from one bank was going through his/her products with us, there will be others circling around us like vultures, ready to strike the moment the banker serving us is done! Some really made me very uncomfortable that I just wanted to shoo them away! Don't they know it's very rude to easedrop on our conversation? What other animals do they want to be associated with besides being called vultures?!?

Anyway, some of the officers were really very poor in explaining and presenting their products to us. Having spoken to many other loan officers and reading up articles on the internet, it's not surprising that I was able to grill everyone of them to test if they truly know what they are doing and can really help us.

Unfortunately, we are all still comfortable with only one bank. Although the interest is higher compared to some banks, the loan officer was able to confidently answer all our queries and help explain to us all the different situations that we put forward to him. We only had to speak to him face-to-face once (for one hour at a different location) and he was able to attend to all our needs promptly, treating us like royalty and showed us he truly knows what he's doing. If I had any queries, all it takes is just a simple phone call and he will be able to answer them. If he's not sure, he'll confirm first and immediately get back to me, ready and welcoming another round of questions. It really does make a difference who you employ to sell your products. I was informed by a friend working at the same place that he's achieving top sales in that particular bank. I'm not surprised at all since I've experienced first-hand how he's able to handle his potential customers.

Anyway, I was very frustrated with the other bankers still trying to promote their products when we were evidently tired from the ordeal that I just ignored them and told them I had no more time. Indeed I don't have the luxury of time anymore and had other things to attend to. I've been receiving so many calls from these people that I decided to take their namecards and contact them instead of handing out my contact details and get swamped again. Learning from experience. :)

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