Sunday, September 25, 2005


Lately I've been experiencing excruciating headaches on a daily basis. I don't know exactly what is wrong but at least I know what is partially contributing to my headaches. Now I know how's it like buying a house. Not only is it not an easy task, it involves a lot of headaches! :(

How much can you afford? What property are you looking for? What is the built-up area like? What's the maintenance fee? Which loan to take up? Which loan tenure to choose from? What other fees and charges are involved? What's the time-frame like? How to fit in so many people? How to allocate the rooms? What kind of furnishings to get? What other renovations and fittings need to be done? Who... what... when... where... why... how... the questions just keep coming. :(

Although I don't consider myself too young (read: I AM OLD!), I still feel that it's a bit too early for my brain (still very much in its infancy) to ponder on such questions! That definitely must be the cause of my brain was just not prepared for such intense problem-solving! It's really a very tiring exercise, no doubt about it especially with so many decisions to make compounded with the flurry of loan officers trying to get you to choose their services. I am so afraid of them now, along with overzealous developers and worse of all, I've been dishing out my name cards and contact details to anyone of them as if I'm inviting them to invade on my privacy. :(

Anyhow, I'm currently listed on practically every developer at The Star Property Fair so I'm kinda screwed. It was quite disappointing looking at the properties available. Why?!? The price for properties on the island is just ridiculous and ever increasing every year. Also, more and more properties are becoming leasehold and the number of freehold properties are getting fewer and costlier. Also, the concept of community gated homes seems to be getting more reception nowadays with more developers dishing out new developments based on this concept. Will this concept be accepted by Penangites?

Apart from visiting the property booths, we looked through some furnishings and fittings too which was part of the fair. Looks like there's much, much more money we have to put aside for that! I totally doubt RM50K (my initial budget) will be enough. Closer to double that amount probably. Anyway, visiting the fair did help ease some of my headaches but it also created some new ones. I guess I'll still have the nagging headaches for awhile more. :(

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