Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Connection Back To Normal?

It seems that my Streamyx connection is back to normal now. Things load up much faster and I'm able to upload files now. I've been having connectivity problems for a while now and it really feels great to have back my flying connection. Can you imagine that I've been experiencing dialup speeds while paying broadband rates? And to think they blamed the connectivity problems on my system when I've known from the start the problem was on their end, not mine. Unbelievable! Ahhh....the wonders of broadband connectivity. I just love the feeling when anything appears instantaneously when you click on it. Wonderful! :)

I hope this is not just a temporary bliss...


  1. What can you say about malaysia boleh.

    I am from Johor, and the problem is the same.
    One time it is fast, the other time it stops completely.

    Welcome to more malaysian bloggers.


  2. then u can start sending me those files liao! yeah? an chua?


  3. i think it will take too long la...must find a better alternative.

  4. maybe someone would buy a mobile hdd during the pcfair in dec? ;)