Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Police Abuse MMS: Get Out!

Another twist to the scandal that is plaguing the Malaysian Royal Police Force. A blunder on the part of the Deputy Internal Security Minister has added spice to the already colourful ongoings. Yesterday, outside the Parliament, he made the audacious call for foreigners to go home and not come to Malaysia if they think the police force here is brutal. WTF?!?

As if Malaysia is not generating enough bad publicity at the moment that this smart-ass politician had to sour relations even further by making such insensitive comments. Tourism contributes a huge chunk of our country's revenue and our economy will be crippled if tourists stop visiting us. Does he have the brains to think before he opens that pie-hole of his? This is totally in contrast of what the Prime Minister is trying to do, restore the confidence of foreigners and put Malaysia back in good light! This Deputy Minister should be given a good ticking off and even suspended (if not sacked) for this faux pas. Here we are trying to make things better and he comes along to complicate things further. Idiot! I would like to remind the Deputy Minister that it is not only the foreigners that think the police are brutal/cruel as Malaysians share the same opinion as them. Is he asking us to move out also? Or is he labelling us as foreigners now?

This matter is not highlighted in the local media but there's always the foreign media and in this age of technology, information flows freely. You may read more here and here.