Sunday, November 13, 2005

HIV Cure Around The Corner?

This is interesting news indeed. A British man who was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 2002 was 'miraculously' cured in October 2003 without undergoing any treatment or taking medication! HIV experts say his case could help reveal more about the disease. There have been anecdotal accounts before from Africa of people shaking off the HIV virus but this is the first well-documented case. Have we finally found a way to combat this deadly disease? What will this man's immune system reveal to the medical research labs? Interesting times indeed...


  1. Please don't read to much into this story. There are ALOT of factors that we have addressed on this very topic.

    He HAS NOT gone through the complete regimen of testing he has only been screened!

    we wrote about it here.


  2. your writeup will have been more credible if you had actually introduced yourself in either this blog or even your very own...looks more like you just want more traffic at your own website...

    anyway, if you've read the article i've linked in my blog entry, you would have realised whatever you were trying to say were already highlighted in the article...

  3. But it makes you wonder... even if, let's just say, we have found the cure. Is it really a cure? Is it indeed, a blessing?

    What becomes of promiscuity now? There's little to launch a fear campaign towards drugs abuse and sex workers. What happens when the cure is taken for granted? Young sex workers will take a vaccine and later offer unprotected sex for a higher price? Knowing their worst fear is now behind them? Now that there's nothing to fear?

    Of course, it's good in the sense that, those who are working in the medical and nursing sector would probably be the best candidate for the vaccine. They are the people most likely to be in contact with the virus.

    I am all for finding medical miracles. Just that sometimes, it may just turn out to be a double-edged sword. It took 27 million deaths since AIDS was identified in 1980, in order to have the awareness we have now. Every nation is sitting up and listening to the problems. Prevention is the key word that activists would like to use in the fight against HIV/AIDS , and you know what? As much as we think we (in the modern era) are aware and educated of the subject matter... 4.9 million new HIV infections occurred in 2004. That's twice the population of Penang. 39.4 million people are living with HIV/AIDS by last year. And that's a total of twice the total population of Australia. Big fat scary numbers, they are. And who doesn't know HIV? Even those who can't spell can tell you what's 'A.I.D.S.'

    Thank god free-sex ala the 70's has (thankfully) not come back in style. Perhaps it's because people are much wiser now. Wiser about HIV and diseases. Maybe... just maybe, I wish the HIV scare would go on just that bit longer.

    And if anybody actually found a cure... I wish they would still perform their due responsibility to the society and use the obscene wealth and profit to tell people that prevention is better than cure.

  4. yup, i guess there's always 2 sides to everything....moderation is key...

    how come can't comment at your blog anymore? your kl hse is so lovely... ~drool~

  5. I will attempt to make it more "credible" next time. Sorry to have offended you. I promise you will not get more "traffic" from me. Oh...I understand that the blog that you linked to "highlighted" some of those issues. We felt it was important to actually add detail.


    no link so as not to offend the author


  6. Clearly, you still do not understand what I'm trying to tell you.

    When I say you could make it more credible, it is by making a brief introduction about yourselves, "like we are a non-partisan group of writers highlighting current issues...yadayadayada...". And of course, the least you could do is not comment as anonymous! Also, signing off as "g" is being very vague.

    And of course, when you go along cutting and pasting the same comment including the very same typo to various blogs and forums, this is clearly categorised as comment spam.

    So, now tell me, you honestly didn't have the intention of diverting more traffic to your site? Clearly, we can see who's the offended party here.