Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Malaysian Movie: Gol & Gincu

I was very surprised that they decided to air this movie so soon after it was just screened in the cinemas. Well, that's Malaysian movies for you. Just be a little patient and you'll be able to watch it for free on Malaysian television from the comfort of your home.

I didn't know that Marina Mahathir, the outspoken daughter of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, was the executive producer for this movie but it's not like it changes anything, anyway. It could be a good thing since she might be able to put in some procovative thoughts in the movie.

The first 'provocative issue' I saw that was slipped in the movie was the inter-racial marriage between a Chinese guy and a Malay girl, a supposedly touchy issue in a modern society like ours. I've to say I enjoyed watching this movie more than Sepet in a few ways more than one. For starters, I felt the movie was more comprehensive as it practically had every aspect covered unlike Sepet which left a lot up to your own interpretation. It's not that having it open to your own interpretation is wrong or bad but the reason someone watches your movie is to be lead in a particular path, your path. At least cut down the number of possibilities so at least the moviegoers would be able to see things in your perspective instead of having to make up their own conclusions on things which might eventually be the total opposite of what you were trying to portray.

This is actually a very colourful movie but yet again, the colours seem to be washed-out. It's a real waste though since the producer/director/whoever had such a good idea in bringing the movie to life with a good mix of bright colours. Audio quality was slightly better than Sepet but you would still know it's a Malaysian production. The more the movie progressed, the more I realised that the movie had elements of Legally Blonde! Sigh, tak boleh original sikit ker? (Can't you be a little more original?). So typical of a Malaysian production. :P

The movie was filled with lots of music which I like since music helps to fill up the movie and also helps portray a particular scene in ways words couldn't. One song that caught my attention was 'Bagaikan Puteri' when they were doing a makeover for Zie. Although the one in the movie was performed by Zarina from Akademi Fantasia 2, the version I like is the one by Farra done back in 1996. Ahhhhh...the memories...but I'm not going to dwell into that now. :P

All in all, not too bad but some parts were a little corny. Still, a good watch. Now then, how and when will I watch Puteri Gunung Ledang? ;)


  1. the word corny is the best way to describe this movie. even though they tried to highlight some women related issues in this movie, i feel the impact is sort of lost. the dialogue seems fake too.
    but i guess it was ok to watch though.