Thursday, November 24, 2005

Listening To Podcasts

While surfing the internet and updating my blog, apart from listening to my music collection on iTunes, I also follow some podcasts available on the internet. I subscribe to a couple of these interesting podcasts and I would like to share a little of what I think of them.

One that I find VERY entertaining and interesting is the mrbrown show. Actually, I'm a very new listener to this show and I've only started listening this week after downloading all the episodes. It's just hilarious. I came to know of this podcast through who was a guest of the show recently, a blog that I follow quite closely. I do not follow at the moment but maybe I will in the near future. The hosts in this show sounds really professional and natural. They sound as if they have been in this business like forever! Impressive really. They have this series called 'Zhng My Car', a Singapore remake of MTV's Pimp My Ride. The show is really good, so do give it a try.

The first podcast I listened to was This Week In Tech (TWIT) which consisted of mostly former crew members of The Screen Savers. It's a technology podcast and is one of the most popular podcasts out there. It was very interesting in the beginning but it's getting a bit dull now. In my opinion, the show's just too long (over one hour). I prefer listening to Diggnation now which is much more interesting and short. Of course, the hosts really know how to spice it up a lot but at least they keep the show short and still able to highlight and discuss the top technology news of the week. I'm also subscribed to Security Now!, a security podcast but it's getting a bit dull like TWIT but I still listen to it because I still want to know more about computer security.

Penang Hokkien Podcast is another podcast I follow closely due to my roots in Penang. Some of the episodes can be really very interesting but some are a bit slow but I guess it's fair to have both good and bad episodes. We can't expect good episodes every single week right? My mom is totally hooked on the show and so are the other people who I've introduced to the show. The show can be very addictive and would be very nice to follow especially if you understand the Hokkien dialect since it is done totally using Penang Hokkien. However, it's getting a bit irritating that the host keeps on 'highlighting' that I make copies of the show to my family members. Why lah....stop it ok! Anyway, you can check out the show here.

I'm coming to grips with PPS Review now, a podcast I used to listen to. It's a Malaysian podcast highlighting the blogs that ping Project Petaling Street. I wasn't much interested in the beginning but since I was quite bored recently, I continued listening to the other episodes that I skipped. Come to think of it, it's not that bad especially when Errolyn (the female co-host) is on, so I'm following this podcast again. :)

In my opinion, podcasting is becoming more mainstream now, the same way blogs did. Actually, I'm thinking of giving podcasting a try, maybe for my other blog which is a group blog. Some podcasters have even made a living from podcasting. For example, the hosts for the popular podcast The Dawn And Drew Show!, which command a substantial amount of listeners, have stopped working and are doing podcasting full-time. They've recorded close to 200 episodes now, so I've not been able to listen to all of the episodes but I quite enjoy listening to the few episodes I chose and understand why it commands such a big following.

Anyway, let's see if I can pull something off here. ;)

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