Thursday, November 10, 2005

Got My Digicam Back

Woohoo...finally, I've got my digicam back! It took them two months to get it fixed but I'm not complaining much since it's free. Actually, the repairs should be free since it was clearly a manufacturing defect! When I was testing out the camera, the technician came out and he said "Oh, so you are Mr........" Hmmmm, looks like I've made a name for myself at the Canon Service Centre with my kicking up a fuss and all. :P Anyway, it's good to have it back. Now I can start snapping again! creative juices are just bursting to come out... ;)


  1. hey man. I was re-reading some of my blogs and looking at old comments that people had left and I noticed you left one. I am sorry I never realized that. But I like your blog quite a bit too.

  2. KUAN SHERN!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Many happy returns ya? Do keep in touch....

  3. kamsiah...kamsiah...thanks for remembering... :)