Thursday, November 17, 2005

MyKad Key Ring Reader

7-Eleven advertised in The Star today that the 'much sought after' MyKad key ring readers are now available at their Peninsular Malaysia outlets. The readers enable you to check and verify your IC particulars, driving license info and passport info anytime, anywhere.

Now, apart from the corny advertisement and bad grammar, I still have a bone to pick regarding this advertisement. It states in large bold letters that "Everyone needs ONE!". Now this I really don't understand. Pray tell why would EVERYONE need one? That freaking MyKad reader is not that cheap, mind you. I could feast on a few plates of Char Koay Teow with that kind of money for something that (if I would to use) I would only use once. Why would someone spend that amount of money for something that they can do for free at the National Registration Departments? Why would someone want to purchase that thing just to check on information that is non-volatile? It's not like the information in the MyKad chip will somehow change overnight! Even if you are that paranoid and have to check the contents of the MyKad chip everyday, why would EVERYONE need one? Every household owning one of these readers is already one too many. Haven't heard of sharing? It's not like the reader will be stuck to your MyKad or only authorised to read just your MyKad. Even if you are just trying to sell a product, your advertisement must still make sense. Your marketing must cater to the needs of the consumers. Only then can you connect with them and convince them to buy your products. Please don't insult our intelligence. We deserve at least that much.

Anyway, I did have a good laugh looking through that advertisement and realising how gullible and lame some advertisers can be. At least they managed to attract my attention to the advertisement, no? ;)


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