Wednesday, November 23, 2005

School Toilet Clubs

Looks like one of our smart-ass politicians came up with another 'brilliant' idea - setting up toilet clubs in schools. Sometimes I just do not understand how these people can come up with such bad ideas. Don't they realise how foolish they are to even think of such ideas let alone come out in public and say it?

Lau: School toilet clubs can nurture good habits

KUALA LUMPUR: The 10,000 schools in the country can lead the way in nurturing good toilet habits among Malaysians by setting up toilet clubs.

Proposing this, Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew said the role of teachers and students was vital and they formed a good network to reach out to society.

"I hope the Education Ministry can consider this and get the education departments to implement the proposal," he said yesterday.

Lau, who heads the ministry's nationwide clean toilet campaign - a joint exercise with the 145 local authorities in the country - said help and support from the Education and other ministries, including Health and Tourism, as well as related government agencies and the private sector, was vital for the success of the campaign.

Lau, who also chairs the newly set-up Quality Restrooms Association of Malaysia (QRAM), said there must be on-going and concerted efforts towards cleaner public toilets and nurturing good and clean toilet habits among Malaysians.

The country observed World Toilet Day on Nov 19, with Lau launching the national level celebrations at Taman Tasik Shah Alam. [...]

I agree that something should be done regarding the disgraceful conditions of our public toilets. I usually try not to use them unless it's really an emergency. In Malaysia, you have to pay to use the toilets in most places and it's still so damn dirty. In Singapore, you don't have to pay to use the toilets but it's like walking into a five-star hotel. Clearly, it's the mentality we have to change (and also imposing insanely high fines like our neighbours down south).

I agree that teachers play an important role in helping to nurture the future of Malaysia but come on, toilet training? These kids should have already been potty-trained a long time ago! What, parents don't potty-train their kids anymore?

And what do you do in these 'toilet clubs'? Stand in line at urinals while they tell you if you are standing too far or too close while taking a piss? How to wipe your ass after each shitting session? Will they have toilet flushing competitions or even a 'best decorated toilet' award? Or will there be toilet police/cadets monitoring you while you take a leak to ensure the cleanliness of the toilets? And what silly names will we call these 'clubs'?

Can you imagine the uproar the mere suggestion of such an idea would have caused in the United States or Western countries? Only in countries like Malaysia do we tolerate with politicians coming up with such lame ideas. Have they come to a stage where they must come out with an idea every now and then, regardless of how stupid it is, just to show that they are 'working' and deserves to be paid using the the taxpayer's money?

I did have a good laugh reading the article but if this suggestion is in any way put into motion for implementation, not only will I be very surprised, I will be damn pissed! We will be so ridiculed if word gets out!


  1. Really stupid idea they came up with. Right. It's people's morality and mindset that needs to be changed. If everyone keep the toilets clean, all will be fine. What toilet club?! Stupid.

  2. exactly...i wonder what nonsense they will come up with next!

  3. just say that this is part of the extra co-curicullar activity etc.

    imagine a kid going: "i was the president of the toilet club back in school"...yeah...what an idiot he/she must look like...eeks...

  4. i really wonder who would want to join in the first's gonna be a total flop!

  5. ya loh!

    ~hey u are back in blue mode...that was fast! i like ;)

  6. Toilet Club. Well, as long as it exists, I am sure there will be members.

    Look, don't poke fun at the club ok? It's a small but imperative step for those who aspire to collect 20sen from you everytime you need to 'go', ok? It's not just a job with a SHITTY pay. It's a career! So therefore, there should be a club like this... Besides, a lot of "ahem" will join them...

  7. @delphynus eyes got so painful looking at the other look... :P

    so you would have joined if there were a club like this in our school last time? :P

  8. Of course not. I am not "ahem".

    Plus, i was never a big fan of our school toilet. I find it difficult to even use the urinals. It's so filthy!

    Plus, there was one time i saw the toilet bowl, overflow with floating crap.

    Haha. I just think a toilet club would be good for detentions and also, give us a definite place to point our fingers to, when the TOILET STINKS UP.


  9. the senior lavoratory used to be so clean and nice but sigh....