Monday, November 21, 2005

Fish Pond

Fish Pond

I've neglected the fish ponds in my house for a very long time now. I've even put away the glass aquariums which used to be home to many types of ornamental fishes in the past. I think it's about time to pay some attention to them now.

It's not like I'm going to bring out the glass aquariums and intensively stock them up with fishes again along with water plants and the like. I'm however going to at least do something about the fish ponds in the garden (just a little bit) like stock up with more fishes, change the water, seperate the old and the new plants...something like that.

And that was just what I did. I changed the water for both the ponds (the smell was horrible!), clean up the sides just a bit (too lazy to scrub everything off), stock up with fishies (just a bit), rearranged the plants and landscaping (make it a bit nicer) and calibrate the pumps and filters (sounds so scientific... :P). It looks more appealing now. Let's see how long until I start neglecting them again. :P