Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Conversations With A Doctor

Every now and then, I have these conversations with my mom's boss (at his request). Since I'm fetching my mom from work nowadays, these talks are getting more frequent. You see, he's a smart man who just likes to share his thoughts with others. Hmmm....maybe I should recommend he start a blog of his own....or maybe not! :P

Today, he was more frank and direct compared to our previous talks. Immediately, he laid it down to me that I must leave USM immediately, as soon as possible, pronto! I was a bit shocked at first but later realised it was probably due to the recent criticism Malaysian universities (particularly UM and USM) were receiving due to the drastic fall in the world university rankings. Specifically, he was trying to tell me not to find employment in the Malaysian universities and to get out fast. Generally, he was trying to tell me the public sector has no future due to the policy he calls "The Malaynisation of Malaysia" (making Malaysia more Malay). As a non-bumiputera, he sees that my potential and interest will be best served in the private sector where I will flourish. Practically every person on the street knows this 'fact' from young but nevertheless, it was truly a stark reminder.

I've to admit I did think of going into the academic field in the local public universities (one of my last options, though) but I agree with him that I see myself more of a private sector person (even an entrepreneur). I might not learn new things with every conversation I have with him but every conversation has its special value to me.

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