Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita Texas Bound

Hurricane Rita, the third largest in history for the Atlantic Basin is heading towards Texas. The thing is, my brother is in Houston now waiting to board a tanker for work and the storm is heading towards him. Obviously, we are worried but I'm sure he'll be fine since he's been updating us on his situation and I've done some hurricane tracking myself. Everything points to this storm causing greater devastation compared to what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans about three weeks ago and millions have fled from their homes to safer locations. I pray not only for the safety of my brother (and my friends studying in Texas) but all the residents in that locality.

UPDATE: The storm wasn't as bad as expected and was described as similar to the heavy rains and strong winds sometimes experienced in Malaysia. Immediately after the storm moved on to another area, there were clear skies and sunny days. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as predicted earlier.


  1. glad that your brother is ok :)

  2. thanks for your concern...he boarded the ship this morning. :)