Friday, September 02, 2005

What's It For Anyway?

What is the use of having a room only for it not being used for that very purpose it was named after? I'm just sick and tired of office politics that is hindering my research work and it is even worse especially when students get involved. It's not enough that we have to deal with our supervisors not seeing eye-to-eye and going at each other's throat at every given opportunity but to have a treacherous student squealing to her supervisor and add fuel to the burning fire of hate between the two is utterly dispecable and totally unacceptable. I don't want to highlight her in this post anymore than I already have as it really disgusts me whenever I think of it. Isn't it bad enough that it's a monumental task to help mend the fences between them that someone just bulldoze it down just like that? I've seen my supervisor being more accomodative towards his 'arch-enemy' in recent times and I was happy to know at least some of my effort to help explain on each of their behalfs were at least worthwhile. My supervisor seems to have learned to be so accomodative that he just gave in to those demands/orders. I truly respect him (despite our differences at times) for taking the higher road this time.

Now that we are forced to move to the new facilities and having a substantially reduced working/storing space compared to our old facilities, we have to make do with whatever space we have including placing some metal cabinets by the corridors outside our designated room. Turns out, this is not allowed. For what reason, I still do not know but I assume it has something to do with reduced walking space or accessibility to their room. If that truly is the reason, I totally do not agree. Their room is accessible through FIVE doors (if not mistaken) of which two are big sliding doors while the rest are bigger doors compared to the other rooms. There are also so many corridors to get to the room that you can choose from, so what's to complain about? Even with the two measly metal cabinets out at the corridors, there's ample elbow room to maneuver around. Alright, we shall squeeze them into the tiny and congested room that we have and settle with less working area (as if it wasn't small enough already). Oh well, it's just more work for us moving the stuff around that's all. Nothing much, I guess...just lugging around some heavy stuff and using up our time which just isn't precious at all. I suppose we can live with that! Grrrrr!!!!

What irks me even more is that we are not suppose to keep our feed ingredients in the Feed Preparation Room! WTF?!? What is the purpose of installing two air-conditioning units in that room if we are not allowed to keep our feed ingredients in there? We definitely can't store them in the feeding trial room as prolong exposure to the heat and humidity will degrade our feed ingredients. Where are we suppose to keep our feed ingredients then? In our analytical lab? That's insane! Not only is that place sooooooo cramped now, it's so far away from the new facilities! Are we expected to carry the ingredients from the lab to the new fish house whenever we want to prepare our diets? If others are able to put their mixers and cupboards in the room, why are we not allowed to put our feed ingredients kept in containers in there? As far as I know, it's a common room, so why are we being disallowed from using that room for the very purpose it was constructed in the first place?!?

The new facilities, I naively believe were meant to make things easier for us, not more difficult than it already is. So far, it has only created more problems involving lots of money, time and energy wasted.


  1. oh's happening again :(

  2. If Wang Yan can also figure out who this low-life 'penghasut' is without me having to mention her in name (or reference), I think we can't be wrong. It's just dispecable that there are those who are feeding poison to the lecturers instead of trying to help get them back on good terms.

  3. oh dear...that sounds really serious! i guess even things were to be mended, so to speak, it would take a pretty long time...

  4. That would seem a little optimistic, no?

  5. well...i hope u guys will work things out...