Thursday, September 22, 2005

Demerits Just Not Enough

After my recent episode with an unscrupulous parking attendant, I just have to comment on this newspaper article. Apparently, parking agents are given demerit points when their attendants misbehave or flout regulations. Agents would be given three demerit points if their attendants did not wear their identification cards and two points for not wearing the vest. Agents who have accumulated 45 demerit points will have their contracts terminated. My question is, IS THAT ALL?!? Demerit points are just not enough! How about taking criminal action against those who fleeced unsuspecting motorists and causing them distress when the Penang Municipal Council sends them fines for not settling their dues? The council must be serious in eradicating this menace and restoring the confidence of Penangites as this has gone on for too long and we have grown tired of empty promises. Take action now! These scumbags must be taught a lesson. They must face the full brunt of the law for their criminal acts!

Anyway, the council didn't get back to me on my complaint and The Star didn't bother to publish my email. I decided to forward the same email to The Sun and New Straits Time but in the end I didn't. However, since I've been fetching my mom from work for the past week or so, I've noticed that the unscrupulous parking attendant in question is no longer around. He could have been hauled up by the authorities (which I truly doubt it) or action has been taken against him. I do feel however that he has fled knowing that his scam has been uncovered. Anyhow, things are better now. :)

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