Sunday, September 04, 2005

First Trip to Tesco

No, I wasn't referring to myself. I've been to Tesco many times now. I was referring to my mom's inaugural visit to Tesco, Penang. least I'm more knowledgeable than her about Tesco (although seriously, I don't think that's anything to be proud about). :P

Well, there were plenty of shoppers around. My mom had a list of things she wanted to buy which were substantially cheaper than the usual prices found elsewhere. As expected, I had to be the guide since I've shopped at Tesco so many times. By right, I should know where the products are located but I had a hard time finding the powdered milk products! I walked up and down the food section but all I could find were condensed milk, UHT milk and so forth. No powdered milk. Finally, I found it with the help of one of the promoters. Guess where it's located - between the diapers and toilet rolls aisles which is so far away from the food section! Later, I realised the rationale of them placing the powdered milk products there. It's probably easier for parents to grab the baby formula after grabbing some diapers this way.

Anyway, throughout my time in Tesco, I was kept busy with responding to my friend's fiance through SMS. They are getting married end of this month if you've not read the previous blog entry. Well, it did keep me company while my family were shopping around (me as usual nothing to buy). Can you believe that we exchanged over 60 SMS in the space of 3-4 hours?!? I don't think I've ever been engaged in such a lengthy SMS 'conversation' before with anyone! At the tail-end of the conversation (which I tried to end numeral times...unsuccessfully), I was shocked to hear that they asked me to be the godfather to their unborn child! Wait a minute....the child has not even been conceived yet even!!! They are not even married yet! I was sweating and my hands were shaking. I guess I've just experienced what future expecting fathers feel when the story has sunk in that he will be a father soon. *faints*

I truly hope they are joking. Why would they want to mess their child up by letting me anywhere near their child? It's really flattering but I'm truly not qualified. I tried to persuade them to reconsider and convince them it would really be a terrible idea but still unsuccessful. I'm feeling very nervy now. Won't this feeling go away?!? HEELLLPPPP!!!!!!!

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