Monday, September 05, 2005

Unscrupulous Parking Attendants

I parked my car at Pulau Tikus (in front of EON Bank) today and I went up to the parking attendant to pay my parking ticket an hour later. He started issuing me my receipt and handed me a yellow 'receipt'. Having paid so many parking tickets before, I knew immediately he was running a scam and the real official receipt should instead be red. I demanded he issue me the right receipt instead but he said he was out of the red one and the yellow one will do just fine. Unamused by his charade in 'trying' to prove he has no more red receipts by brandishing four receipt books that contains only the yellow portion and even bravely claiming I will not be issued a summons, I demanded my parking ticket back. To my horror, he added another one hour to my ticket as retaliation!!! I drove straight to the payment booth on Jalan Mesjid Negeri to settle my dues and fortunately the lady was understanding enough to charge me the right amount.

I think this has gone far enough. I believe there's more than one unscrupulous parking attendant out there that is running this type of scam. After confirming with the lady in the booth, my suspicions were correct. There's plenty of others involved in this scam. I've heard of many complaints of people who always paid their tickets on time only to be issued summonses for not paying their parking tickets later on. Action must be taken swiftly against these scumbags. Not only are they benefiting from this and creating problems for the honest and righteous citizens who pay their parking tickets dutifully, the Penang Municipal Council is losing much valuable revenue!

I've submitted a complaint to the council and also wrote an email to The Editor of The Star concerning this issue. I do hope they will seriously look into this matter urgently. As for all of you out there, please remember that the RED receipt is the official one. Please double-check each time you make your payments and let's not let these unscrupulous 'sampah masyarakat' get away with it.


  1. well...i think it's pointless writing to the press. most are apathic towards issues such as this. here's a recollection of my experience, writing a complaint letter to the nst editor.

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