Monday, September 12, 2005

Mom Hooked On Hokkien Podcast

The title says it all. As usual, I'll listen to my usual podcasts on Mondays (since they usually release new episodes on Sundays in the US) and somehow my mom took notice of the Penang Hokkien Podcast this time around (must be John Ong's laughter that caught her attention....hehehehe). Since none of us own an iPod (I so love the iPod nano!!!) or any other portable MP3 player, I burned the episodes into a CD-RW so she can listen to them in the car during her commute to and from work. Since the first episode was quite large, I could only fit that one episode in the CD-RW. She must have liked it a lot since she listened to it TWICE - once on the way to work and another time on her way home! Looks like I'll have to change the episodes on the CD-RW for her everyday now and once every new episode comes out! :P

I will play it for my grandma to entertain her while she's cooking, so she's been a fan much earlier than my mom. My mom was so jealous when she found out my grandma had been listening to the show all along! I thought she knew about the show but wasn't interested since I do listen to the show while she's around but I guess the topics in the latest episode caught her attention. I usually blast it real loud and I'm sure my neighbours are listening to the show too whenever I play it since their houses will be very quiet during the show. :)

I'm really looking forward to their 'Nonya kuih' episode. :D


  1. u torture your poor neighbours with loud sounds? luckily i don't live nearby u.... ;P

  2. Oh you are so wonderful!
    Thanks for doing all the promotion for us!
    That's EXACTLY how I would like it to be. You are the model listener!

    And the nyonya kuih episode is coming up next week. We have already recorded it. It is a blast!

  3. Wah...paiseh la, say me till like that. :P

    Just sharing a good thing with others. :)

    Can't wait for the kuih episode!