Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lessening Your Burden

The Government has announced that it will defer any increase in toll prices until 2007 and any further increase in the price of fuel to 2006. These are among the measures undertaken by the Government to ease the burden of the rakyat already experiencing the difficulties caused by increasing crude oil prices worldwide. Other measures include reducing road tax by as much as 80% depending on engine capacity and type of use and increasing aid distributed by the Social Welfare Department to senior citizens, disadvantaged children and the poor.

It's good that the Government is trying to help the rakyat ease our financial burden but this is only holding back the inevitable. Prices are bound to increase as the world's oil sources continue to dwindle. Instead of utilising funds to improve the public transportation system, it is being used for subsidies. The subsidies and reduction in road tax will give the wrong impression that the Government is promoting the ownership of private vehicles which will only cause more problems.

When will Malaysians wake up? When will Malaysians realise that this can't go on forever? One thing is for sure....smokers and drinkers beware! The Government is bound to increase taxes for cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to recover the lost revenue. This I do support although I can be considered a casual drinker, myself. Sin taxes should be increased to discourage drinking and smoking while generating income for development that will benefit all. Hmmm...wonder how many would figure this out and start stocking up their 'fix'? :P

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