Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Looking For Conservative, Big-Hearted And Stylish Woman

Your dating personality profile:

Big-Hearted - You are a kind and caring person. Your warmth is inviting, and your heart is a wellspring of love.
Stylish - You do not lack for fashion sense. Style matters. You wouldn't want to be seen with someone who doesn't care about her appearance.
Liberal - Politics matters to you, and you aren't afraid to share your left-leaning views. You would never be caught voting for a conservative candidate.
Your date match profile:

Conservative - Forget liberals, you need a conservative match. Political discussions interest you, and a conservative will offer the viewpoint you need.
Big-Hearted - You want someone compassionate, someone gentle and kind. A loving, nurturing person will fill that hole in your life.
Stylish - You cannot put up with someone who is lacking in style. You want an original, someone with flare, someone with good taste.
Your Top Ten Traits

1. Big-Hearted
2. Stylish
3. Liberal
4. Romantic
5. Adventurous
6. Shy
7. Wealthy/Ambitious
8. Funny
9. Intellectual
10. Sensual
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Conservative
2. Big-Hearted
3. Stylish
4. Practical
5. Adventurous
6. Wealthy/Ambitious
7. Intellectual
8. Outgoing
9. Funny
10. Romantic

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Hmmm....I'm a bit confused though. Anyway, those are my results. :D


  1. a test for dahvid only? cheh...
    i also tried it leh...hehehhe....

  2. specifically tailored for him since his mother asked him to get a gf. :P

  3. ehh ehh...shy la! kena remove that post..harharhar. :P

    btw, i did the 'test' and this' what it said...

    Your (me) Top Ten Traits, Ranked
    1. Liberal
    2. Athletic
    3. Practical

    4. Intellectual
    5. Big-Hearted
    6. Adventurous
    7. Wealthy/Ambitious
    8. Shy
    9. Religious (what??? betul ke ni??)
    10. Sensual (ehhh..this one should go on top..i like 'touch' 'touch')

    Your Top Ten Match Traits (who can it be?? come here me darlingg!), Ranked
    1. Practical
    2. Liberal
    3. Intellectual

    4. Adventurous
    5. Athletic
    6. Shy
    7. Funny
    8. Big-Hearted
    9. Traditional
    10. Sensual

    aiyah..boleh tahan la. not to say very accurate. nyeks! faster! faster! someone, hook me up pleaseee!

  4. Hmmm....I'll keep a lookout for you...should be very easy to find a practical, liberal and intellectual woman. :P

  5. oh wait! i forgot to mention, in addition, she also ought to be (wish list) *ahem*:

    -cute and pretty (yalah..would like my offsprings to be cute mah)
    -nice..errm. 'assets' would be an advantage (HARHARHAHRA) *slurps* (eh, i'm sensual mah)
    -caring and all of those nilai nilai moral too
    -artistic and scientific
    -intellectual and philosophical a must must
    -she must be down-to-earth. VERy down to earth.
    -not entirely religious and liberal (oh's stated there already)


    -added advantage, if she can cook
    -super added advantage, if she is idealistic, pragmatic and not materialistic. :P
    -lagi added advantage, if she's a certified postgrad/student

    i'll belanja you makan dim sum-eat-till-you-drop (and wake up the next day) when i go up penang ya. nyeks! ;)

  6. oh dave, do u think u missed out any other criteria? hmm...

    (looking for a pen and paper to take notes...)

  7. wah....with the added's going to be real tough! *faints*

    i'm still open to the dim sum invitation though....~slurp~ ;)

  8. aj, tak payah tulis la...very easy only...hehehe..come, we all conduct interview for all :P

    ks: only got dim sum treat if got 'successful candidates' HARHARHARHA!!! :P promise promise..nyek nyek

    aiyoh..i sound desperate la *slurps*