Saturday, September 03, 2005

Friend's Wedding

I had a couple of missed calls from my friend's fiance (they are getting married at the end of the month) while I was having a nap this evening. Actually, I didn't realise that until just now when I checked my phone and was getting ready to sleep! :P

Well, maybe it was just a call to remind me about the wedding (I've set lots of reminders everywhere - my PDA, handphone etc. - just so I won't forget!). Anyway, lots of friends whom I've not seen (or kept in bad!) for a long while now will be attending the wedding so it will be like a mini-reunion thingy for us all. It will be good. I chatted with a few recently and we're all looking forward to the big day, maybe more towards seeing each other again than the main purpose of the occasion, anyway (sorry!).

The problem with attending weddings is what do we get them? At this point in my life, I'm unable to share gifts with others since they are in relationships of their own and would want to give gifts as couples whereas I'm not working yet and not in any relationship! How if you get something that they don't like or they don't need? That would be bad, no? Can I even give a red packet (which would solve those problems) although I'm neither working nor in a relationship? What amount am I prepared to give then? I would at least wish to compensate them for the dinner (with a little extra so that I don't look that cheapskate) and at the same time, not having to tighten my financial belt a few notches more. If I'm employed, I would willingly give them a generous amount to help start them off but I'm just not in a position to do that now. I'm in such a mess and I have just a few weeks more to figure that out. Can anyone help me out here?!?


  1. Cash is always good. Contrary to popular belief, I do not believe people will keep a record of monetary gifts and take offense if your amt is 'not up-to-standard.' But, having said that, during my time, there were not alot of gadget like PDA, laptop, etc to help me keep track for future reference.

  2. Yeah, I'm leaning towards cash but the problem now is the amount! Firstly, I know both the groom and the bride. Secondly, they are expecting me to be a godfather to one of their kids in the future! Pressure...pressure! This is they want me to mess up their kid? :P