Thursday, September 29, 2005

In Debt

Just like that, we turned from totally debt-free to being very deep in debt. Today was the official launching of the housing project we were eyeing and we are very interested in a particular lot that we had tentatively booked earlier. So as not to lose the lot to another person (there's bound to be many eyeing that particular lot), I've placed a 1% booking fee, thus more than confirming our intention to buy the property. Well, usually people would be happy to have taken this big step towards owning a property but I've mixed feelings though.

Not only will we have to cough up lots and lots of money every month to service the loan, we would have to fit in so many people into the house (meaning more expenses involved). Apart from that, let's not forget that I do not have a disposable income of my own yet! So how are we going to do it? How are we to survive? I'm confident we can pull through but at times, I do worry too. Have we done the right thing? Only time will tell.....


  1. don't worry...! i am sure u guys will make it thru... ;)