Saturday, September 17, 2005

Moving Day: Round 2

Another day of hard work, all in the hope that we would be starting our next phase of our feeding trials soon. This was the continuation from the other day. We've been idle for awhile now and admittedly getting rusty from the layoff. There isn't much left to transfer from the old fish house except for the freezers, oven, lots and lots of large fibreglass tanks, some racks and miscellaneous stuff. I was truly hoping that it would only take half-a-day.

We were suppose to start at 9am but as usual, that would mean 10am. My hopes of finishing early (I had something planned in the afternoon/evening) were supposedly dashed by their lack of punctuality. Fortunately, when the lorry finally arrived, I knew I still had hope. We managed to get hold of a large lorry which would lesson the time wasted on the extra trips transporting the large fibreglass tanks.

We immediately sprang into action and hauled as much as possible onto the lorry. We filled it to the brim so we could save the number of trips that have to be made to transport all our remaining 'junk'. Soon after, about two trips later, there was a break. WTF?!? Only two trips and we have a break? Nasi Lemak was the course of the day. We had Fried Bee Hoon the other day. The break was somewhat a blessing in disguise as it started to pour heavily while we were enjoying the refreshments.

Back to work and more stuff were being transported. It was already past 1pm and the staff were getting agitated. They probably wanted to go for lunch already and we had to bargain with them to do one last trip which would be enough to transport all the necessary stuff to the new facilities. It was just ONE last ever trip and we had to haggle with them for that 'favour'.

When we finished transporting the stuff, he hardly have the time to arrange them as we were evidently tired and hungry. I overheard the staff demanding En. Bahrim, my supervisor's lab assistant (or something like that) to be taken for a big Nasi Kandar threat (supposedly under my supervisor's tab?). My supervisor was kind enough to offer taking us to lunch. We were obviously esctatic since all we had was Fried Bee Hoon for the whole day the other time! Somehow Pizza Hut was chosen. I was in a rush to go somewhere but I still made a point to attend not just because of the free meal but also out of courtesy. :)

Well, I would say it was not as tiring as the previous round but still it took a toll on all of us (except the ladies....I mean lady, of course). My hands had marks resembling an abuse victim! Well, at least we are closer to getting back to work. *phew*


  1. courtesy? u?? sure bo..?
    hehehhee.... ;)

    ok ok...don't get upset...just kidding k? :P

  2. Of course ler.... ;P

    When you want your ice-cream? Tomorrow? :P