Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Google Launches Blog Search

Google has finally launched a tool allowing you to search through the contents of all the blogs published, which is currently experiencing exponential growth. Here's part of the blog entry concerning Blog Search on Google Blog:

Today we are launching Blog Search - the easiest way to search for blog content. Blog Search includes content from blogs all over the web (in other words, not just from our own service, Blogger). And we're continuously adding new content, very nearly in real time. That way you can find commentary on breaking news as it's being created by millions of individuals. Or get the latest take on the premiere of a new TV show.

It could be a really useful and interesting feature considering you will be able to easily sift through the entries of different bloggers on a particular topic in nearly real time. One thing though, how about those who do not want their blogs to be found? *ahem* ;) Don't worry, you will be able to stop the indexing by following the instructions on how to insert this meta tag. Unfortunately, old posts that have been indexed will remain. I realised though that deleted entries are also indexed. This is very much down to the fact that they are using site feeds (Atom/RSS) to power their Blog Search engine (if I understand their FAQ correctly). Although Blog Search will only show snippets of your blog entries (including deleted entries), it could be quite damaging! So how do we settle this, Google? Let's see their response to my query on these issues. Don't start disappointing me now!


  1. hey google boy... why oh why your google so damn advanced??

    i so sedih... :(

  2. Must not be stagnant ma....have to inovate to stay ahead! :)