Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Google's Reply to Blog Search Concerns

Google responded a few days back concerning my queries on Google Blog Search (BETA). They did emphasise on the word 'BETA' so I better include that in. Of course they did point out to the fact that I could use the robot.txt files method and also the meta tags method which can be found on their FAQ. My concern however was more on the indexing of deleted blog entries. This they did offer me a solution. I could point out to them which of the deleted blog entries are being indexed by Blog Search and they will do the removing after reviewing the URL I sent. I've done that for a blog which I setup for my sea scouts. Entries used during the beta-testing period can be found indexed in Blog Search although they've been deleted. It will take some time to find those deleted entries on my own blog though, so that will come later. I hope they will help resolve this matter as efficiently as they've responded to me on this issue. Google has not let me down. :)

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