Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Digicam's Dead...AGAIN!!!

My heart must have stopped beating a few seconds when I realised my two and a half year digital camera had somewhat transformed into an expensive paperweight. It's CCD sensor died on me again after I've just spent RM300 replacing it in November 2004. I browsed through the internet to see if I can do anything about it since I truly do not have the cash to repair it. Turns out, this is a really common problem not only in Malaysia but also worldwide! The problem will only occur after a year for no apparent reason, without you dropping it or damaging it in any other way. I was totally furious! How is it that you expect me to pay RM300 every six months or so just to replace a manufacturing defect! Totally outrageous!

When I called up the state level customer service hotline, I was persuaded to hand-over the camera for checking although I knew perfectly well it was a CCD problem. Even they knew what was wrong after hearing my explaination. I insisted on knowing if I had to pay to replace the CCD even when I've done so just less than a year ago, especially when this was clearly a manufacturing defect but was still persuaded to have it checked first and wouldn't want to divulge any more information, including the pricing for the repairs. I had no choice but to send it in. When I told the customer service officer that this was not an isolated case but something that is seriously affecting the other owners of that very same model, she just smiled acknowledging the fact that what I've just said was true!!!

Now, sooner or later they are bound to contact me and confirm it is indeed a CCD problem. If truly it is that problem, am I suppose to pay to replace the part? If I choose not to repair, I still have to pay RM30 for their 'hardwork' in determineing something that I've known all along. Totally unfair! It's crazy money to spend on a digital camera that will fail again in another few months. When they do not have the available parts, they do offer an upgrade option at the same price. I feel that it is only fair that I'm given the choice to upgrade since it is a well-known manufacturing defect! I will be approaching the Consumers' Association of Penang (CAP) one of these days to clarify this matter. I demand justice!

P/S Yes, I'm in a complaining mood these days....so bear with me! :P

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