Thursday, June 09, 2005

0.5 - That's All It Takes

If you are wondering what it takes to screw your chances in landing a PSD scholarship, let me tell you the answer...0.5. Yup, that's all it takes to make or break your PSD application. To highlight how competitive this scholarship is, PSD public relations officer Hasniah Rashid said applicants were allotted points according to their academic achievement in the SPM as well as their extra-curricular activities, family background and performance during interviews with the department.

Yesterday, it was highlighted that three students from Penang failed to secure the lucrative PSD scholarship although they were the top scorers in the state and among the best in the country. A worried parent even wrote in to urge the Government not to deny smart students this opportunity. Again, we can see the mindset of ACHIEVEMENT=EXPECTATION. I do feel sorry for these guys but once they open their mouth and moan about not getting it just because they were top scorers and such, it shows their true weakness. They expect to be rewarded. What I've learned in my life is not to expect anything from anyone and to be able to stand on your own. Only then are you strong, independant and successful. Even if someone tries to topple you, they won't be able to because the foundation has been laid properly with your own effort and you need not worry of the support you have always been receiving gets pulled away right under your feet.

I've yet to see an article on such a top scorer who picks himself/herself up right after been floored and don't moan about the situation. I guarantee you, such a person will achieve much in his/her life and him/her being a top scorer will just be a small matter later on in life.

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